Our Company

In 1986, Rodolfo Contardo Pizarro (RIP) and his business partner began to sell treated wood from Talca, Chile. At the same time, his son Rodolfo Contardo Hederra managed a plant in Chillán, Chile. In 1989, father and son decided to join forces and established a small treating plant in Concón. They were joined by Hederra’s brother Rodrigo, and it was named Concón Maderas Impregnadas Ltda (Concón Treated Woods Ltd.). The father of the family died in 1997, at which time his daughter Magdalena was incorporated into the company. By 2005, they opened a plant in Quirihue in the Ñuble Province in the Biobio region of Chile. Today, the company’s production is concentrated in Quirihue while the showrooms and distribution center are located in Concón and Maitencillo. Rodolfo Contardo H. serves as General Manager with Guillermo Carabantes, Financial and Administrative Manager.


Produce treated wood, improve the quality of life of our clients, and contribute to national development. To achieve this, it’s necessary to use renewable raw materials, the state of the art technology, and maintain constant development and training of human resources.


Provide our clients with quality wood that meets international wood preservation standards, together with flexible and professional service and a genuine concern for the environment and the global well-being of our families.


At the Quirihue site, we produce a monthly average of 3.000 M3 of treated products in equal parts CCA and MicroPro®. The company consists of modern facilities, a sawmill, a drying bed, bark strippers, and 2 treatment plants with state of the art technology. We recently obtained the Clean Production Agreement (APL) Certification and are part of an ongoing counsel on control and certification of quality wood treated with Eurofins, ex Fundación Chile.



As a company we have always commited a high standard of service, while capable of ensuring the satisfaction of the needs and requirements of our customers.