Quality Control

With more than 20 years’ participation, Concon Maderas Impregnadas is one of the founding companies in the Permanent Quality Program, which is based on ensuring that products comply with the stipulated retention and penetration requirements of the CCA and MicroPro® wood preservatives. To achieve this, Eurofins completes regular visits to inspect all processes and obtain product samples with the end of sample analysis at their INN accredited laboratories.


Additionally, in the case of treated posts, they carry out quality inspections in reference to the dimensions and forms of the posts according to nationally or internationally stipulated norms or the particular requirements of each client.


The Wood Quality Program staff are comprised of professionals specialized in the areas necessary to meet the needs of their clients. They pay necessary attention to the entire process, whether it be in terms of samples, theoretical concepts, testing, and/or laboratory analysis. Currently, the Wood Quality Program is INN accredited in accordance with the NCh ISO 17025 (LE866 and LE867 certified) norm, as well as enrolled in the official registry of the technical quality construction control, MINVU (Exempt Resolution Minvu 2011).

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