Environmental Sustainability

At Concon Treated Wood we work exclusively with radiata pine, which comes from sustainable and renewable artificial plantations in time thanks to a renewable cycle of plantation and harvest, allowing for the preservation of the native Chilean forest. Upon fungicide and insecticide treatment (CCA or MicroPro®), the lifespan of the radiata pine increases considerably, thus further contributing to the better use of forest resources while providing excellent quality products for our customers.

According to estimates carried out by the Timber Corporation (CORMA), forestation in Chile is 1.3 times greater than deforestation; in other words, for every tree cut down, 1.3 trees are planted. The management of forest resources plays an important role in the development of industrial lumber, through which the sustainability of these resources is fundamental. Therefore, forestry companies have chosen to obtain sustainable forestry certification with either CERTFOR – the Chilean stamp approved by the European PEFC – or with the international Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) stamp, which requires the following:

  • “All harvested forest must be regenerated
  • “In the Forestry Management Project there is a long-term plan that reconciles harvest rates with the rates of reforestation, in order to ensure the regular flow of production.”