About Us

Concon Maderas Impregnadas Ltd. is an industrial wood company with wide experience and nationally and internationally recognized prestige. Our main target is to supply our clients with high quality radiata pine products with the goal of long-term use. Since 1985, we’ve provided products to construction, agriculture, ranching, and telephonic and power distribution line companies, as well as to the general public, with high levels of satisfaction in every field.

Our plant is located in Quirihue, 8th region, in the Bio Bio forest zone just 90 km away from the ports in Concepcion Bay. We have two distribution and sales locations in the 5th region: one in Quintero, and the other in Maintencillo alongside route F30. 

We are known in the market for the following product lines:

-CCA and MCA (Micronized Copper) treated wood.
-Raw, planed, and developed dimensions of treated wood.
-Treated utility poles for electric power distribution lines.
-Treated posts for agricultural use.
-Cylindrical poles and posts for use in construction.
-Playground sets and other outdoor furniture and accessories.
-Mixed roadblocks (metal and wood).